We gave Textfree such a huge upgrade, we had to give it a new name: Pinger.  Keep your Textfree number and minutes, plus get new awesome features.

It’s faster, more reliable and easier to use.

  • Pinger’s intuitive new photo-based interface organizes each contact’s messages–text, voice, and even pictures–into a single screen. Personalize your contact Tiles with Facebook pics.
  • Record your own voicemail greeting.
  • Got friends around the world? Have them download Pinger too! It’s supported in more than 100 countries!

Download the app FREE to your iPod or iPhone in the US, or outside the US!

Upgrading from Textfree to Pinger? No problem!

Hope you guys love it as much as we do :)

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Pinger is one of the OnMobile 100 Top Private Companies for 2012!

AlwaysOn and a panel of voters decided that Pinger is “bringing their disruptive skills into the mobile space, turning smartphone and tablet users into sophisticated, savvy consumer and business users as well as providing huge value-creation opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.” You’ll find us in the “Consumer and Social Networking” category!

This is Pinger’s second consecutive year on the OnMobile Top 100 list! Thanks, as always, to our fans for their loyalty and support!

See the full list for 2012 from AlwaysOn.

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Today in the San Jose Mercury News:

Interview with Greg Woock, co-founder/CEO, Pinger

“Woock reckons Pinger is the seventh-largest data carrier in the country. And now he’s expanding into Europe, where a fragmented telecom industry has him predicting a dramatic ramp-up of last year’s $20 million in revenue.

In an interview, Woock — who was previously a top lieutenant to Sir Richard Branson — held forth on the future of his 60-person company and of the broader telecommunications industry…”

Read the full interview from Mercury News.

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(Shh.  We think we’ve outdone FaceTime.)

Sometimes a text doesn’t quite do the job, and for that we have the power of Voice.  Yet in the deep lairs of Pinger Headquarters, our research team has been working on an even greater engineering challenge: We call it a Holo-gram.

The new Holo-Gram!

Think of it as three-dimensional, real-time video.  And it’s FREE.

Holo-gram is slated to take the telecom industry by storm.  Imagine “visiting” a friend across the country on Pinger: See their expression and that smile you love so much.  See subtle gestures, even model a new hairstyle or introduce your cat.  It’s just like having a face-to-face conversation.

Dr. Jocelyn Cloutier, renowned researcher and Chief Technical Officer at Pinger, Inc. explains: “Our team has developed a unique approach to personalizing a conversation.  By splitting the light from the phone’s built-in camera exactly 6 degrees in opposite directions we can create two simultaneous photographs of an interference pattern that, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image.  It’s to-scale, and it works simultaneously with the user’s voice.  It literally is just like having your friend right in front of you.”

How does it work?

All you need is Textfree and 3D glasses.  Just call your friend on Pinger.  When they pick up, put on your glasses and Textfree does the rest.  You can pick up the glasses at any movie theater, or just use polarized sunglasses.  Holo-gram is free!

Give Textfree’s new Holo-gram feature a try and … smile!

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Today from The Associated Press:

Telecoms groups fight back against free messaging

“Just past the security gate for the world’s largest cell phone trade show in Barcelona, executives of big mobile carriers can’t avoid walking past a booth they would probably rather not see: It’s for ‘Pinger,’ a small California company that offers free texting in the United States and Germany and has global expansion plans…”

Read the full article from The Associated Press.

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All hail the power of the Pinger fans! 2012 Readers' Choice Awards

Your nominations helped us to become a finalist in the Readers’ Choice Awards in the Best Texting App category!

Click the link below and scroll down to cast your vote:

Vote for Textfree Voice + VM to win Best Texting App!

You guys are seriously great. “Thank you” x 1,000,0000!!!

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You did it, guys!

You helped us WIN the “Best Young Adults App” award for iOS!

Thank you for taking the time to vote for us, we are so grateful for your support.

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This week we got an email that really touched our hearts. Carie wrote in that her family uses Textfree to stay in touch with her husband while he is stationed overseas.

Here’s part of her sweet email:

“Hello to the Pinger Family!!
I just wanted to tell you how grateful my husband and I are to you for creating such an amazing application for our iPhones! The newest version with voicemail is excellent!!! The calls are clear, we can text back and forth while he uses his iPhone as an iPod in wifi areas. WE are grateful to you, I can call my husband and it’s as if he’s sitting next to me talking, even though he’s so far away! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have made a Military Family very happy!!!”

Thank you, Carie! We hope you and your husband enjoy the free minutes we sent your way  :)

Biggest Fan Friday rewards one user from Facebook, Twitter, our Help forums, or via email. Send us a love note to, or join in the conversation on our social media sites to be entered to win!

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We’ve been getting so much great feedback, and usually it’s very difficult to pick a winner. Recently, we’ve been getting TONS of wonderful emails, Facebook posts, and blog comments.

Well, Pingsters, prepare yourselves for the awesomeness that is Addie! She wrote a persuasive essay for her class on Textfree!

Here’s part of her essay:

“As you know, a letter only has three body paragraphs so I picked three out of a million great things Textfree does to make your life easier. They didn’t make this app for them, they made it for you. When you use Textfree, you really feel like a queen. Almost Everything you need is there for you. I’m a Textfree user, and I have been completely satisfied with this app. All the things I wrote about, really stood out to me. I hope this letter really got to you, and now you’re going to go install Textfree, pick your number, and start using it right away.”

Hope you got an A++++, Addie! Thanks for sending this to us.

Biggest Fan Friday rewards one user from Facebook, Twitter, our Help forums, or via email. Send us a love note to, or join in the conversation on our social media sites to be entered to win!

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Yup, you read that right! There’s a new Textfree app in town and it’s got FREE voicemail.

It’s got all the good stuff from Textfree with Voice like:

  • Your own real phone number (free)
  • Unlimited SMS and picture messaging (still free)
  • Textfree-to-Textfree calls (super free)
  • Incoming calls (really really free)
  • The ability to earn minutes for outgoing calls (you get it)

But you asked for it, and you now got it: FREE voicemail too!

Get Textfree Voice + VM FREE in the iTunes app store.

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