Easy fix!

First, make sure you are logged in to Textfree Voice + VM.  (If you’re still logged in to the old version of Textfree, you won’t get your voicemail notifications.)

You’ll also want to make sure you have Notifications set to “ON” in Settings.  Go to your Settings app (not in Textfree) then Notifications.  Scroll down to Textfree and make sure Alert Style is set to either “Banners” or “Alerts”.

You’ll never miss another message again!

Don’t have Textfree Voice + VM? Get it free in the iTunes App Store.

Need more help? Head to our help site!

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Yup, you read that right! There’s a new Textfree app in town and it’s got FREE voicemail.

It’s got all the good stuff from Textfree with Voice like:

  • Your own real phone number (free)
  • Unlimited SMS and picture messaging (still free)
  • Textfree-to-Textfree calls (super free)
  • Incoming calls (really really free)
  • The ability to earn minutes for outgoing calls (you get it)

But you asked for it, and you now got it: FREE voicemail too!

Get Textfree Voice + VM FREE in the iTunes app store.

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Today in Gear Diary:

Pinger Expands and Introduces New Product

“Witness Pinger, the iOS and Android (and Web) texting app. Today they’re announcing the addition of Voicemail to their product. So you can text, do voice messaging, and now do voicemail, with an iOS app over a local WiFi network.”

Read the full article in Gear Diary.

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Today in Cult of Mac:

Pinger Unveils Free Visual Voicemail iOS App

“You probably know about Textfree, the iOS app that enables an iPod touch to send texts to mobile phones. If not, your teenager likely is a big fan. On the eve of unveiling a new app letting all iOS devices receive free visual voicemail, Pinger’s marketing chief sat down with us to explain just how huge the original app has become…”

Read the full article in Cult of Mac.

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Today in Macworld:

Voicemail added to Textfree app for iPhone

“Pinger launched version 5.0.1 of the app earlier this month in the App Store. The addition of voicemail rounds out a set of features that help iPhone users avoid using up the talk minutes and paid texts under their wireless contracts; it also enables iPod touch users to use that device as a phone in Wi-Fi environments.”

Read the full article in Macworld.

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Today in All Things D:

Pinger Adds Voicemail to iOS Calling and Texting App

“On Wednesday, Pinger said it is beefing up its iOS service with the addition of voicemail. As with all Pinger apps, it’s free and ad-supported. Existing users who want to use voicemail will be asked to ditch their old Pinger app and download a new one.”

Read the full article in All Things D.

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Every year around this time, Apple publishes iTunes Rewind 2011, a list of the hottest trends in the iTunes App Store in the past year.

Our very own Textfree with Voice made several lists this year:

  • Top Free Apps
  • Top Grossing

What an amazing 2011 for Textfree!

Thank you to our beloved fans for making it all possible.

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Great news from Beverly Hills, CA where Pinger has won the Best Mobile Innovator award at the 2011 Mobile Excellence Awards (sponsored by Verizon, even!).

We are honored.  A HUGE thank you to our users for making it all possible.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou. We are so excited!!

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Pinger has teamed up with Operation Gratitude this year to donate up to $5000 towards care packages for our active service members, their families and wounded soldiers.  From November 1 to November 11, anyone can sign up for Textfree and support Operation Gratitude.

Textfree is great for anyone, but especially for deployed soldiers and their families:

  • soldiers can send FREE unlimited texts and pictures
  • they can also earn FREE minutes to call anyone in the US (incoming calls are FREE)
  • with a FREE US phone number from Textfree, family and friends can call deployed soldiers without paying international rates
  • if soldiers AND their families both have Textfree, all calls and texts are free and unlimited
  • works anywhere you get WiFi

Sign up for Textfree and share with Facebook and Twitter friends to support Operation Gratitude!


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Help us become a finalist in the Mobile Apps Showdown!

Click the pic to go to the site, scroll down, and leave a comment! It can be anything from how much you use Textfree for texting, what your favorite features are, or just a declaration of your undying love ;D

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