February 2010

We’re just giddy with excitement! We just sent out our BILLIONTH Textfree message! A billion is a LOT. It’s a million thousands or a thousand millions. It’s a ZILLION messages whizzing through space per second! (Err, something like that.)

If you want to read the full release, check it out here.

Keep those messages coming! (We’re wondering how long our 2nd billion will take–any bets?)

– Your friends at Pinger

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No Fear Shakespeare today was featured as a “New and Noteworthy” app in the App Store. With No Fear Shakespeare you get Shakespeare’s original language side by side with a modern English translation—the kind of English people actually speak today. Plus it comes with choice Shakespearean insults! Get No Fear Shakespeare in the iTunes App Store.

No Fear Shakespeare

The No Fear Shakespeare was developed by Pinger in partnership with Sparknotes LLC.


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Score! Now you can use your nimble fingers to outsmart a slimy dude with this update of the classic, slime volleyball. Best of all, it’s just 99 cents in the iTunes App Store. Play with friends over Bluetooth without the slimy mess!

Slime Ball and Slime Ball Lite are no longer available in the iTunes App Store.

Slime Ball

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