Here are some random tidbits. You’ll feel like you’re here with us!

  • We used to eat at the local Phở place all the time, until someone noticed a big booger in the server’s nose. Now only half of us go—sometimes you gotta put up with the thorns if you want to enjoy the roses.
  • At least one decision has been made by arm wrestle, but that was a long time ago.
  • In summer, flip-flops are part of our dress code.
  • Our marketing manager once challenged our product manager to a wrestling match – the winner got her project queued up first with the creative department.
  • Sometimes a few of us go out and do handstands in the hallway.
  • We doodle on the conference room windows. Maybe that’s why Doodle Buddy is so fun.
  • At least two of us have been injured bouldering. One broken ankle (3 screws) and one really bad sprain.
  • We are one gallbladder short. We won’t tell you who.
  • We secretly take pictures of each other and PhotoChop them. Then we send them via Textfree. Nothing like getting an unexpected picture message of yourself charging a sumo wrestler during a meeting.
  • We celebrate every employee’s birthday with a song and a cake.  Sometimes the candles won’t blow out.
  • The air conditioning ducts on our ceiling are painted periwinkle. That’s our official company color. RGB is 97, 100, 206, if you’re curious.
  • There is a mannequin named Pingerman covered in Christmas lights by our front door. (Don’t ask, we don’t get it either.)
  • All the artwork on our walls is by internationally recognized contemporary painter, Gregory Burns. Cool guy! Cool stuff and it’s all for sale.
  • We play horrible pranks on each other – usually involving stealing each other’s favorite toys and hiding them. Our QA manager once had her Nabaztag kidnapped. A ransom note soon followed with the Nabaztag’s ear attached, listing demands for return. We finally found out who did it. That was classic!
  • There’s a shock-toy in the office. The cleaning crew plays with it at night when they think no one is watching.
  • We recycle batteries.
  • We have toilet seats on our walls, with screenshots of competitor products under the seat. (Just kidding. But what a great idea…)
  • Our company holiday parties are rife with inappropriate white elephant gifts.
  • Test phones randomly ring in our office all the time. They have all sorts of weird ringtones because we never bothered to turn off the ringers or change the tones.
  • We can go through a wholesale size bag of M&Ms in a day. We had to stop ordering them.

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