June 2010

Exciting news, The new Textfree update (version 3.4.2) lets you send texts to Canada–free! Give it a try!

–Update Sept 10th, 2012–
Even BETTER news! The USA’s #1 free texting and calling app is now available in Canada. Choose your own REAL Canadian phone number for FREE to call and text nonstop without paying a loonie!

Download it for iOS today!

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Hey guys,

We just created a new Textfree-specific page on Facebook. It’s a great place to find new info about Textfree, get your questions answered and even win goodies every once in a while. We’d love it if you’d join us!

Visit our new Textfree page on Facebook! Remember to click “Like” at the top of the page to become a fan!

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We’ve heard this question a few times, and thought there may be others who are wondering “What’s so great about phone numbers in Textfree?”

A texting number in Textfree is a HUGE leap forward:

  • The obvious one: you get a real texting number! Textfree is the ONLY app that offers a real number.
  • Because you get a real number, Textfree is themost reliable texting app in the store.
  • Real numbers means your texting is as fast as REAL SMS.
  • Textfree is the ONLY app where texts DON’T come from a weird number or email address.
  • Textfree is the ONLY app that supports ALL US CARRIERS! (Yes, even the small local ones no one’s heard of.)
  • Finally you can get a texting number without even having a contract with a carrier!
  • We just announced that soon you’ll be able to make and receive ad-supported voice calls with your Textfree number. No carrier, no contracts! We’re still working out the details, but it’s coming this summer.

A phone number in Textfree is very exciting!

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Some of our Textfree Lite users who upgraded to Textfree Unlimited 3.4 were not prompted to get a free Texting number.

If you’re one of the few folks who fit into this category, please get Textfree Unlimited 3.4.1 in the iTunes App Store. You’ll be prompted to pick a FREE texting number right away!

Still don’t have Textfree Unlimited? Get it FREE ON SALE in the iTunes App Store!

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Hey PhotoChop lovers,

The PhotoChop 1.2 update is now in the store. There’s now a whole page of backgrounds you can choose from–just click on the “backgrounds” icon at the top right corner of your screen. Sooo much better than having to scroll through those microscopic background thumbnails at the top of the screen, eh?

Once you’re in “Backgrounds”, click the “More” button on the top right corner of your screen to get even more FREE backgrounds by earning ChopCash. (See screenshot pictured.)

Get PhotoChop in the iTunes App Store, it’s FREE!

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Major news from Pinger this morning: Textfree, the ONLY texting app in the iTunes App Store to offer FREE real phone numbers, will soon have free voice! Users will get free, rich texting and voice services without a traditional mobile carrier (and, for iPod touch users, without even a phone!) This makes Pinger the first carrier to offer FREE ad-supported mobile phone services, and will make Pinger the ninth largest carrier in the US!

Read the official release.

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