We’ve heard this question a few times, and thought there may be others who are wondering “What’s so great about phone numbers in Textfree?”

A texting number in Textfree is a HUGE leap forward:

  • The obvious one: you get a real texting number! Textfree is the ONLY app that offers a real number.
  • Because you get a real number, Textfree is themost reliable texting app in the store.
  • Real numbers means your texting is as fast as REAL SMS.
  • Textfree is the ONLY app where texts DON’T come from a weird number or email address.
  • Textfree is the ONLY app that supports ALL US CARRIERS! (Yes, even the small local ones no one’s heard of.)
  • Finally you can get a texting number without even having a contract with a carrier!
  • We just announced that soon you’ll be able to make and receive ad-supported voice calls with your Textfree number. No carrier, no contracts! We’re still working out the details, but it’s coming this summer.

A phone number in Textfree is very exciting!

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