December 2010

Our holiday gift to our users: free unlimited texting from your PC or Mac. You asked for it, and we listened.

Give it a go at

(Note, existing Textfree users can log in with your username and password. New users can create an account and text away!)

Happy holidays!

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Textfree with Voice is skyrocketing in the App Store as we type. Fans are really excited about the free MMS and improved voice service. What else is new and exciting about Textfree with Voice? Lots of stuff you’ve been asking for, and even some goodies you haven’t!


  • The only app with free texting, MMS AND free incoming calls. That’s right, incoming calls never burn your minutes!
  • Free Textfree-to-Textfree calls.
  • Option to buy Textfree minutes real cheap, or earn them for free.
  • Now you can lock your app in portrait mode, so you can text while lying in bed and Textfree won’t move around on you.
  • You can keep your notifications private by being alerted that a new text has arrived, without the message text popping up on your screen.
  • We added lots of new ringtones so you can know who’s calling without even looking at your screen.
  • Better multitasking support so you can switch out of Textfree even when you’re on a call, and receive texts and calls when not in the app.
  • Bluetooth support for iPhone users
  • Plus you still get a real phone number in Textfree!

We’re really excited, and can’t wait to continue delighting you with new features and improvements!

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Every year around this time, Apple publishes iTunes Rewind 2010, a list of the hottest trends in the iTunes App Store in the past year.

Our hottest apps this year:

Thanks for making Textfree and Doodle Buddy some of the most loved apps in the App Store!

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Doodle Buddy for iPadDoodle Buddy for iPad has a ton of new extras that make doodling super fun. Some highlights:

  • Stencils so you can make perfect shapes (we’ve been waiting since kindergarten for this!)
  • Text Tool with resizable text and four fonts.
  • Download more silly stamp and background packs plus stunning new stencil packs in Extras. Always fun to get extra stuff free.
  • Color picker now comes with grayscale and even remembers your most recent colors (you asked for this, and we listened).
  • Option to turn sounds on and off.

Get it FREE for a limited time in the App Store!

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