February 2011

TextfreeTextfree with Voice now lets you Facebook chat! See who is online and send them a message! It’s free!

(Not to mention the free unlimited texting, free picture messaging, and free incoming calls!)

Get it FREE in the App Store. Have fun!

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Doodle Buddy Gold has tons of new backgrounds and stamps! It also has a gold-rimmed icon, for you bling-lovers out there.

You can finger paint, draw, scribble, sketch, stamp, stencil and lots more. It’s really fun. Make hilarious doodles of your friends (then send them your artwork) or post them on your Facebook page. Be an artíste!

What’s new, what’s cool:

  • It (finally) saves progress so you can pick up where you left off.
  • The new ruler tool lets you draw perfectly straight lines.
  • We added a little rotate button to stencils and text boxes.
  • Now you can outline stencil too, not just fill them in.
  • You should notice better performance when drawing with friends, too.

Get it FREE in the App Store. We hope you love all the updates!


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It’s finally here! Textfree is live in the Android Market. That means FREE unlimited texting and a FREE real phone number. Plus you can use either your Textfree number OR your regular number to send. (Pretty cool, we think.)

Get it FREE in the Android Market at or use the QR Code on this page (from your Android phone).

Have fun!


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