April 2011


Textfree for AndroidWe know you’ve been asking for this: we just added picture messaging to Textfree on Android. Send to any US mobile number (plus nearly 20 countries). Have your friends send you pics and texts at your username@textfree.us address. It’s free an unlimited!

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For several years now, a secret research group here at Pinger has been working to solve a very challenging problem in the area of autonomous cognitive wave displacement. Last month this group achieved a significant breakthrough: the ability to text, call and even send picture messages without an Internet connection.

Dr. Jocelyn Cloutier, renowned researcher and Chief Technical Officer at Pinger, Inc. explains: “Our team has developed a unique apparatus that converts data files to gamma waves, which are then transmitted by antenna directly to a satellite system, and converted back to data.”

“A Textfree user can speak into her device while wearing this apparatus, and the person on the other end of the call hears perfect audio. Better yet, it works simultaneously in both directions, so you can have a real-time two-way conversation. It’s breakthrough technology, really. And since no Internet is required, it works anywhere on Earth.”

Don’t worry if all this technical mumbo-jumbo is hard to understand. We often don’t understand Dr. Cloutier either. What we do know is that this significant research finding will affect millions of Textfree users, who can finally say “goodbye” to WiFi.

All you need is an iPod touch, Textfree, and an antenna. You can make your own using about $3 in tin foil.

Now Textfree with Voice gives you absolute freedom to talk, text, even send picture messages from anywhere on the planet! Who have you talked to without WiFi lately?

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