July 2011

Courtesy Yelp.com, Hazel G.

Our Corporate Summer Event was just announced!

Can you guess where we’re going?


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Homemade peach pie!!!

One of our employees made us pie AND it’s Friday!

Woohoo for the weekend!

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Oooooh, cake!


We’re celebrating the birthdays of our employees born in June and July!

Happy birthday, Pingerlings!



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Today from TUAW:

TUAW’s Daily iPad App: Doodle Buddy for the iPad

“Doodle Buddy is a free finger-drawing app for the iPad. It brings the fun of childhood finger-painting to the iPad as well as the grown-up need to make quick sketches to share with friends, family or co-workers.”

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Download the app for iPad.

Download the app for iPod touch and iPhone.

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Today in TelecomLead:

Pinger brings free talking and texting to Europe

“Pinger announced that its European expansion will begin later this summer in Germany with its new Pinger SMS Free app for iOS and Android.

Pinger SMS Free operates within the current mobile eco-system – users receive a local German Pinger number and can text for free with any German mobile phone.”

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Today in Speigel Online:

Finanzierung über Werbung: US-Firma plant kostenlosen SMS-Dienst in Deutschland

“Hamburg – Die Handy-Netze werden ausgebaut, vielerorts surfen Nutzer mit mehreren Megabit pro Sekunde durch das Netz – doch ausgerechnet für vergleichsweise winzige Textnachrichten kassieren die Provider horrende Summen. Für eine einzige SMS, 0,001 Megabit groß, werden in vielen Tarifen immer noch Beträge von rund 20 Cent fällig, Kurznachrichten-Flatrates und -Kontingente lassen sich kostenpflichtig buchen.”

Read the full article in Speigel Online.

Read the press release.

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Today in Gev:

Pinger Expanding its Services in Europe

“According to a report from The High Tech Business Hub-The Silicon Valley stated that Pinger is going to introduce its new project by initializing its German Services that will enlarge its free texting from web service in Europe. Initially the service will be provided on Android and Apple Devices. Pinger has evaded the text messaging expenses through its free text web services in Europe.”

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