July 2011

Today in Business Insider:

Pinger Bets Europeans Are As Cheap As Americans, Goes International Today

“As of today Pinger, the #1 free texting provider in the U.S. is going international.

The company who has quietly become the 7th largest mobile carrier in the U.S. will begin their European rollout in Germany with its new Pinger SMS Free app for iOS and Android. Pinger SMS Free operates within the current mobile eco-system—users receive a local German Pinger number and can text for free with any German mobile phone.”

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Today in Ubergizmo:

Pinger brings free texting to Europe

“While the tech savvy consumers of the world are making use of data for “free” texting with apps such as Whatsapp or Kik messenger, believe it or not, but a majority of the world still rely on good ol’ regular text messaging. Unfortunately in most parts of the world, people don’t have “free text” plans, and still need to pay exorbitant fees to send text messages to each other.

Well, Pinger has plans to get rid of these fees worldwide, country by country, and wants to begin in Europe with Germany.”

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Today in the Tech Observer blog:

Pinger Springs into Europe

“The country’s top free-text service is going global.

Textfree, run by the six-year-old startup Pinger, is launching its iPhone and Android apps in Germany today, ahead of a wider European roll out.

Textfree users download the app, open a free account, choose a number, and start texting for free—even internationally.”

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Today from AFP:

Pinger bringing free text messaging to Europe

“Silicon Valley startup Pinger on Wednesday said it will expand into Europe with a German service for free text messaging using Apple or Android-powered gadgets.

Pinger sidestepped the cost of text messaging in Europe by making the service into a game in which telecom carrier fees for outgoing messages cancel each other out.”

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Today in All Things D:

Pinger Brings Free Text Message App to Europe

“Pinger, maker of the popular Textfree app (which has more than 15 million users in the U.S.), has a plan for starting operations in Europe…”

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