August 2011

We get a lot of questions about text notifications in Textfree from iOS users.

What is a Push Notification?

Textfree uses Apple’s Push Notification Service to send you alerts when you are outside of the app.  Your device will show you a popup (and usually play a sound) to let you know that a new message has arrived.

Why don’t I get Push Notifications?

When you first set up Textfree (and when you installed certain updates) we asked if it’s ok to alert you about new messages.  Sometimes users decline the option by mistake (you aren’t alone, we’ve accidentally done it too!)  This is the most common reason that people don’t get Push Notifications.

How do I turn Push Notifications on?

You’ll need to go into the settings of your iOS device to turn Push Notifications back on.  We have a couple of helpful tips below, and detailed instructions on how to turn on notifications on this Support page.  There are even screenshots posted to help you out!

  • Make sure you’re using iOS 3.0 or later and have the latest version of Textfree.
  • Push Notifications for Textfree won’t work if your device is jailbroken!

Still stuck after following these Support tips?

Click “submit a request” at the top of our Support homepage to send a private question to our Support department!

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Today in the The New York Times Bits Blog:

AT&T Plans to Offer Only an Unlimited Texting Plan

“AT&T said Thursday that it is getting rid of its lower-tier texting plan that lets people pay $10 a month for 1,000 text messages. Instead, the company plans to offer new subscribers only one plan: unlimited texting for $20 a month. Those who don’t want to fork over $20 can choose to pay for each text, starting at 20 cents a message.”

Read the full article in the The New York Times Bits Blog.

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Today in Wired’s Gadget Lab:

AT&T to Simplify Texting Plans, Offer Only Unlimited Service

“AT&T confirmed today that it will slim down its text-messaging service plans, offering customers either unlimited messages for a flat monthly fee, or a pay-per-text service. The company is eliminating its middle-of-the-road option, a plan that allots customers 1,000 text messages for $10 monthly.”

Read the full article in Wired’s Gadget Lab.

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Today from

The Tech-pert: Cheap Alternatives to the Pricey AT&T Unlimited Texting Plan

“Planning to buy an AT&T smartphone, either now or after next month’s heavily rumored iPhone 5 announcement? Here’s something you should know: Starting August 21, AT&T will offer only one text-messaging plan: $20 per month for unlimited messages.”

Read the full article at



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Learn more about South by Southwest at their website:

Please cast your vote for what is sure to be a great discussion on Gamification by one of OUR very own Pingerlings, Eric Hartness!

Create an account here,

then head to this link to vote for our SXSW panel!

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Today in CoolMomTech:

OMG, u can save $$ on txts w/Textfree

“I recently heard about an app called Textfree with Voice that offers free texting and calling. I checked it out and yes, it’s true. You do get unlimited free texts and to start, 10 free minutes of phone service. If you don’t want to keep adding more minutes to your plan, and more money to your bill, this is a really good alternative.”

Read the full article in CoolMomTech.

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Free unlimited texts from your computer.
Now with FREE pic messaging!

Go to Textfree Web now! Happy texting!

(Note: if you already use Textfree Web, remember to clear your cache for the new picture messaging feature.)

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Check out this Skype interview with Pinger’s co-founder Joe Sipher in WebProNews:

Pinger Says Germany Is 1st Stop in Taking Free Texting Global; The secret ingredient is gaming technology

“Since texting is one of the most common functions on mobile devices these days, it’s no wonder that free texting applications have become extremely popular. Those of us in the U.S. have become accustomed to these abilities, but unfortunately, people in other countries have not been so lucky, until now.”

Watch the video and read the full article in WebProNews.

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