We get a lot of questions about text notifications in Textfree from iOS users.

What is a Push Notification?

Textfree uses Apple’s Push Notification Service to send you alerts when you are outside of the app.  Your device will show you a popup (and usually play a sound) to let you know that a new message has arrived.

Why don’t I get Push Notifications?

When you first set up Textfree (and when you installed certain updates) we asked if it’s ok to alert you about new messages.  Sometimes users decline the option by mistake (you aren’t alone, we’ve accidentally done it too!)  This is the most common reason that people don’t get Push Notifications.

How do I turn Push Notifications on?

You’ll need to go into the settings of your iOS device to turn Push Notifications back on.  We have a couple of helpful tips below, and detailed instructions on how to turn on notifications on this Support page.  There are even screenshots posted to help you out!

  • Make sure you’re using iOS 3.0 or later and have the latest version of Textfree.
  • Push Notifications for Textfree won’t work if your device is jailbroken!

Still stuck after following these Support tips?

Click “submit a request” at the top of our Support homepage to send a private question to our Support department!

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