October 2011

This week, we’re rewarding Yasir! Here’s part of the awesome thank you email he sent:

“Pinger guys ur greatttt ur appp is the coolest app i hav ever seeen bravoooo………! I don know how else to thank you…Thanks to ur app i am able to keep in touch with my fiance and all friends. Thanksssssssssssssss guysssss keeeeep it up and many thanks for keeping it free….i salute u.”

He’s going to get some fabulous Pinger goodies, straight from Pinger Headquarters 🙂

Biggest Fan Friday rewards one user from Facebook, Twitter, our Help forums, or via email. Send us a love note, or join in the conversation on our social media sites to be entered to win!

Yasir, check for an email from @pinger.com to claim your prize and thanks for the Textfree love!!!

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Click the pic to go to the site, scroll down, and leave a comment! It can be anything from how much you use Textfree for texting, what your favorite features are, or just a declaration of your undying love ;D

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Today in the The New York Times:

Free Texts Pose Threat to Carriers

“At a time when e-mail and many other forms of electronic communication are essentially free, wireless carriers are still charging as much as 20 cents to send a text message to a phone, and another 20 cents to receive it.

Paying so much to transmit a handful of words is starting to look as antiquated as buying stamps.

There are now a growing number of ways to bypass text-message charges using an Internet connection…”

Read the full article in the The New York Times.

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Emily just won 20 FREE minutes or a care package from Pinger by submitting her favorite signature!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page to learn how you can win!

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