November 2011

This week, we’re rewarding Colton!

Here’s part of the awesome email we received from him:

“So I just wanted to shoot you a short email saying that I really thing your products are amazing and to keep doing what you’re doing. I really appreciate the content you have created, and it works great.”

Thanks, Colton! We’d like to match awesomeness with awesomeness and give you a bunch of minutes for Textfree with Voice 🙂 You should see them in your account soon!!!

Biggest Fan Friday rewards one user from Facebook, Twitter, our Help forums, or via email. Send us a love note (, or join in the conversation on our social media sites to be entered to win!

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You asked for more ways to earn free and cheap minutes and we listened:

• watch videos for free minutes
• limited time only: cheap 99-cent option for minutes

Head to the iTunes App Store and search “Pinger” to find and download our latest app! Happy texting!

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Pinger has teamed up with Operation Gratitude this year to donate up to $5000 towards care packages for our active service members, their families and wounded soldiers.  From November 1 to November 11, anyone can sign up for Textfree and support Operation Gratitude.

Textfree is great for anyone, but especially for deployed soldiers and their families:

  • soldiers can send FREE unlimited texts and pictures
  • they can also earn FREE minutes to call anyone in the US (incoming calls are FREE)
  • with a FREE US phone number from Textfree, family and friends can call deployed soldiers without paying international rates
  • if soldiers AND their families both have Textfree, all calls and texts are free and unlimited
  • works anywhere you get WiFi

Sign up for Textfree and share with Facebook and Twitter friends to support Operation Gratitude!


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