We’ve been getting so much great feedback, and usually it’s very difficult to pick a winner. Recently, we’ve been getting TONS of wonderful emails, Facebook posts, and blog comments.

Well, Pingsters, prepare yourselves for the awesomeness that is Addie! She wrote a persuasive essay for her class on Textfree!

Here’s part of her essay:

“As you know, a letter only has three body paragraphs so I picked three out of a million great things Textfree does to make your life easier. They didn’t make this app for them, they made it for you. When you use Textfree, you really feel like a queen. Almost Everything you need is there for you. I’m a Textfree user, and I have been completely satisfied with this app. All the things I wrote about, really stood out to me. I hope this letter really got to you, and now you’re going to go install Textfree, pick your number, and start using it right away.”

Hope you got an A++++, Addie! Thanks for sending this to us.

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