girl_singingLast month Pinger’s “Innovation Team” built the holy grail of voice calling features: voice cloning.

We call it VOICE: Vocal Obscuration and Instant Cloning Effect.  Our exclusive feature lets you change your voice when you make calls.  Sound like Beyonce, Elvis, Obama and more!  Available now in Textfree and Pinger.

Dr. Jocelyn Cloutier, Chief Technical Officer at Pinger, Inc. explains: “The technology is quite complex, really.  We developed an algorithm that ‘learns’ celebrity voices by comparing their recorded works to song lyrics.  The software identifies and records their voice as phoenemes–simple audio bits like ‘BA’, ‘DA’, ‘GA’ (etc.)  When this feature is activated by the user, the software listens for these phonemes in the user’s voice, overlays them together, stitches the audio and auto-tunes it.  The whole thing happens in real-time, so the audio output is seamless.  It’s quite groundbreaking.”

Give it a try

We’re looking for beta testers to give our Voice Modding a try and give us feedback below:

  1. Log in to Textfree or Pinger (make sure you have the latest version) and dial your friend’s number
  2. While the phone rings, say the name of the celebrity you’d like to voice-mod (our favorites are Beyonce, Bieber, Lady Gaga, Elvis and Jay-Z)
  3. When your friend picks up, start talking or singing.

We’ve already loaded in hundreds of celebrity voices, with more to come.  In lab tests, our testing has successfully fooled call recipients in 95.6% of cases.  The feature works with any language and even accents.  Make sure to minimize background noise for the best calling experience.

All you need is Textfree and WiFi.  If you don’t have Textfree, get it FREE for iOS and Android.

Now Textfree gives you the freedom to be your favorite celebrity!  Who do you want to be today?

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