Happy Valentine’s Day!  Thanks for sharing your poems with us, we loved them all!

Here are our favorites:

I’m so broke it isn’t funny
I can’t even text my valentine honey
But then what is it that I see
An app where you can text and talk free
Now with pinger I need no money
And I can sweet talk n text
My valentine honey bunny


Roses are red, pinger is blue.
Unlimited texts, calls & voicemails include!
Great quality & oh such fun..
Soon it will be.. #1!
Whenever you get it, hit me up!
Because I’ve already installed it.. On my iPod touch!


Why I was alone?
Why I didn’t have no friends?
I didn’t know.
Until I downloaded pinger, that choice was the best.
Now I have friends
I called my girlfriend and now I don’t have minutes to call the rest.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Pinger is so awesome
I must share it with you!

I love its free calling
When I use my iTouch
or texting like mad
on my iPhone and such.

It lives on my iPad
for whenever I need
to connect with my loved ones
In lightning-record speed.

Please stay with me Pinger
I wish for you still
To be with me always
You are the best deal!


We’re sharing a handful of minutes (think of them as roses) with our favorite poets! For those who didn’t win…you still win! For today only, 1000 minutes on sale for just $14.99 (that’s over 20% off)!

Here’s a little poem we made for all of our fans out there, hope you like it…

Oh users, our users,
we’re so grateful to you all
for choosing to us to send your texts
or to make a free call. 

So let’s rejoice and do a dance,
(or sing a song if you’re a singer),
because you’re using an app
that was made for you by Pinger!

-Love, Pinger-

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Thanks for all the great feedback and love we’ve been receiving, Pingsters! However…there can only be one winner each Friday!

We’d like to give a shout out to our new buddy, Adam S. Here’s part of the epic email he sent us:

“I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful product. I’m very anti cell phone and your product gives me a way to have a “textable” landline. I use my iPod, and it becomes a phone whenever I want it to be (around wifi) and it’s an unobtrusive iPod whenever I don’t want to be called (pretty much anytime outside the home). I loved how you started with downloading apps and getting minutes. I used your product for a whole year as my only means of communication and it cost me nothing during a very low income spell. Now I have a full-time job and I gladly support your shift to sell minutes for the person who uses more than just a few….and I thank you ever so much for the new voicemail feature, it’s amazing…Thanks again for a wonderful product, and keep up the good work. I think I’ll go into the app store or whatever and find out where I can rate you with 5 stars.”

Adam, you’ve got some minutes coming your way! Thanks for everything.

Biggest Fan Friday rewards one user from Facebook, Twitter, our Help forums, or via email. Send us a love note to info@pinger.com, or join in the conversation on our social media sites to be entered to win!

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Hi guys! You’ve helped us to win a couple awards recently, and we really appreciate it! Think you can make the magic happen again?

About.com 2012 Readers' Choice Awards

It’s time to nominate apps to win the 2012 About.com Readers’ Choice Awards! Please help us out by clicking the links below to nominate Pinger for one of these awards. Nominate as many times as you can, there’s no limit!

Connect with Facebook or create an account to nominate:

Nominate Pinger for Best Texting App

Nominate Pinger for Best New App

Go, Pinger, go!!!

Thank you, everyone, for your nominations! We’ll find out on February 22nd if we’re a finalist!

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Please join us in wishing a “Happy Birthday” to our employees born in January!

Mmm, cake!

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Here in sunny California, our city goes to great lengths to build an ice skating rink from scratch so we can enjoy a little winter wonderland, even if it’s just for a few weeks.

Not ones to miss a chance at fun and a little danger, Pinger employees strapped on our ice skates for a cruise around the rink.  Well…some of us cruised.  Some spun around and did cartwheels, and some of us just sort of…persisted.  Nobody broke anything, though, so we consider the outing a “win”.

You’ll be happy to know the quality of our apps far eclipses the caliber of our skating (and video making).

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WOW! A big thanks to all our Pingsters who nominated us for a Best App Ever Award from the 148Apps Network!

Textfree with Voice is now a finalist for both Best Messaging App AND Best Young Adults App!

Click the links below to vote for us in each category:

Vote for Textfree with Voice for Best Messaging App

Vote for Textfree with Voice for Best Young Adults App

Thanks for your continued support, Pingsters! You’re the best 🙂

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Easy fix!

First, make sure you are logged in to Textfree Voice + VM.  (If you’re still logged in to the old version of Textfree, you won’t get your voicemail notifications.)

You’ll also want to make sure you have Notifications set to “ON” in Settings.  Go to your Settings app (not in Textfree) then Notifications.  Scroll down to Textfree and make sure Alert Style is set to either “Banners” or “Alerts”.

You’ll never miss another message again!

Don’t have Textfree Voice + VM? Get it free in the iTunes App Store.

Need more help? Head to our help site!

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The beautiful venue



Are you on winter break yet, Pingsters?


The Pingerlings took a little holiday break on Friday to celebrate the passing of a milestone year and enjoy each other’s company.

Prizes were distributed, poems were read, and someone went home with an awesome meatball sandwich from the gift exchange.  Never a dull moment here at Pinger 🙂


Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy holiday break, from all the Pingerlings.


The gift exchange

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When it comes to Halloween, we Pingerlings definitely know how to get in the spirit of things!

Elvis supervised the festivities!

Can you guess what each costume is?

Who is that, hiding in the shadows?

We also got to have a little cake & treats to celebrate not only Halloween, but also the birthdays of the Pingerlings born in October.

October Birthdays!

Want to join the party? See if you have what it takes to be a Pingerling!

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This week, we’re rewarding JaLena Bourgeois from Twitter!

She’s going to get her choice of Textfree minutes, or some fabulous Pinger goodies 🙂

Biggest Fan Friday rewards one user from Facebook, Twitter, our Help forums, or via email. Send us a love note, or join in the conversation on our social media sites to be entered to win!

JaLena, email fun@pinger.com to claim your prize and thanks for the Textfree love!!!



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