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ChatMeUp is a brand new social app made especially for teens. It makes it super easy to find cool new friends and start chatting. 

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Are you bored of the people at your school? Want to make new friends? Or flirt with someone from a different town? With one click you can start chatting with other teens from across the planet. ChatMeUp is the latest app from the makers of the USA’s #1 calling and texting app, Textfree.

Made exclusively for teens, ChatMeUp is a safe, fun, and easy way to meet and chat with new friends.
Sorry, if you’re not a teen, you can’t use the app.

The first step is to sign-in with your Facebook account. This helps guarantee that users are real people and actually teens! No fakes, no creepers, just teens who want to chat 🙂 Don’t worry, we will never post to your wall or spam you.

Just swipe through profiles of other teens, and tap on their profile to chat. We’ll immediately send them a notification and your message. You can send your new friend customized messages with fun backgrounds, colors, smileys, GIFs, and more!

• You need to have a Facebook login to use ChatMeUp
• ChatMeUp is safe and secure; easily block other users from sending you messages
• You have to be between 13 and 19 to use ChatMeUp
• ChatMeUp is ad-supported, so you will see ads from time to time

One of the world’s most popular drawing apps for tablets is now available on Windows!

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Doodle Buddy is the most fun your fingers can have on a Windows device!

It’s like finger-painting, but instead of getting your fingers messy, you get to create amazing works of art that you can share with friends. Even non-artists can create a masterpiece with thousands of colors, stencils, and stamps.


• Paint using all your fingers (yeah, like in kindergarten!). If you have a mouse, use it too!
• Doodle and stamp all over your own paintings
• Laugh at the funny sounds our stamps make!
• Use our stencil packs to make perfect shapes
• Add text in multiple fonts and sizes
• Upload your own photos or take a pic with your webcam to use as background images
• Pick from a variety of drawing tools: paintbrush, glitter ink, text, stencils, smudging, and more!
• Pick from our 44,000 color selection
• Project your artwork to a connected Windows device through the Devices Charm
• Additional stamps and stencils pack available as an in-app purchase
• Erase your mistakes by simply undoing your last stroke
• Share your masterpieces via Microsoft’s Share Charm to Facebook, email, and more!
• Start all over with a quick shake of your tablet!

Doodle Buddy is great for all ages and all experience levels!

Download it today and let us know what you think! (if clicking on “download” does not take you to the store, click here:


ANNOUNCING: GIF Chat for Windows Phone!

Now you can start creating and swapping hilarious GIFs with your friends on iOS,
Android, and Windows Phones! It’s easy to get started and tons of fun!

Download it for…




Today in TechCrunch:

Deutsche Telekom’s VC Firm Makes Strategic Investment In Pinger

“For the last few years we’ve been tracking the growth of a service called Textfree, offered by San Jose-based startup Pinger. As the name implies, Textfree has a very attractive value proposition: you sign up, it gives you a free, real, telephone number, and you can send text messages and make phone calls with it free of charge — the service makes most of its money by displaying ads alongside the texts.

It’s also massively popular: last month alone, users sent and received a total of 2 billion text messages, and it’s one of the most downloaded iOS apps of all time. Even more impressive is the fact that the vast majority of their efforts have been concentrated in the U.S. alone — Pinger is preparing to sweep across Europe this year…”

Read the full article in TechCrunch.

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Pinger has teamed up with Operation Gratitude this year to donate up to $5000 towards care packages for our active service members, their families and wounded soldiers.  From November 1 to November 11, anyone can sign up for Textfree and support Operation Gratitude.

Textfree is great for anyone, but especially for deployed soldiers and their families:

  • soldiers can send FREE unlimited texts and pictures
  • they can also earn FREE minutes to call anyone in the US (incoming calls are FREE)
  • with a FREE US phone number from Textfree, family and friends can call deployed soldiers without paying international rates
  • if soldiers AND their families both have Textfree, all calls and texts are free and unlimited
  • works anywhere you get WiFi

Sign up for Textfree and share with Facebook and Twitter friends to support Operation Gratitude!


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Big news from Pinger this morning: Pinger, the company disrupting the mobile space by making texting and talking free, today announced the debut of Pinger Textfree Web, offering a way for anyone with a web browser to text for free. With Pinger Textfree Web, users choose their own local U.S. phone number and can communicate for free via text message to any U.S. mobile phone as well as to over 18 countries.

Read the official release.


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For all your Android and Facebook fans out there: Pinger, the company disrupting the mobile space by making texting and talking free, today announced that users of its Textfree for Android app reached parity with iPhone users in just five months, marking a new milestone for the company.

Read the official release.


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Big news from Pinger this morning: Pinger, the company transforming calling and texting to a free, ad-supported model, today announced that its Textfree with Voice app now handles more than one million minutes of calls every day, after being introduced less than 90 days ago. Ninety percent of these minutes are free to users who complete offers in exchange for voice minutes.

The company also said that February was the first month its Textfree users on iOS and Android exchanged more than a billion text messages in a 30-day period.

Read the official release.


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Major news from Pinger this morning: Textfree, the ONLY texting app in the iTunes App Store to offer FREE real phone numbers, will soon have free voice! Users will get free, rich texting and voice services without a traditional mobile carrier (and, for iPod touch users, without even a phone!) This makes Pinger the first carrier to offer FREE ad-supported mobile phone services, and will make Pinger the ninth largest carrier in the US!

Read the official release.

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We’re just giddy with excitement! We just sent out our BILLIONTH Textfree message! A billion is a LOT. It’s a million thousands or a thousand millions. It’s a ZILLION messages whizzing through space per second! (Err, something like that.)

If you want to read the full release, check it out here.

Keep those messages coming! (We’re wondering how long our 2nd billion will take–any bets?)

– Your friends at Pinger

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