ANNOUNCING: GIF Chat for Windows Phone!

Now you can start creating and swapping hilarious GIFs with your friends on iOS,
Android, and Windows Phones! It’s easy to get started and tons of fun!

Download it for…
Android: http://r.pinger.com/GIFChatAndroid

iOS: http://r.pinger.com/GIFChat

Windows: http://r.pinger.com/GIFChatWindows


Hey Pinger fans!

Wondering how to copy, forward, or delete a single text?

Just tap and hold the message in the text bubble. A menu will pop up with the options “Copy,” “Forward” and “Delete,” just like in the screen shot on the right. To paste something you’ve copied, tap where you’d like to paste if you’re on iOS, or tap and hold if you’re on Android, and a menu will pop up.

If you need help with anything, our Support team is ready to assist you! Just contact them by emailing support@pinger.com or by clicking here to submit a request on our help site.

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