Check out this Skype interview with Pinger’s co-founder Joe Sipher in WebProNews:

Pinger Says Germany Is 1st Stop in Taking Free Texting Global; The secret ingredient is gaming technology

“Since texting is one of the most common functions on mobile devices these days, it’s no wonder that free texting applications have become extremely popular. Those of us in the U.S. have become accustomed to these abilities, but unfortunately, people in other countries have not been so lucky, until now.”

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Today in TelecomLead:

Pinger brings free talking and texting to Europe

“Pinger announced that its European expansion will begin later this summer in Germany with its new Pinger SMS Free app for iOS and Android.

Pinger SMS Free operates within the current mobile eco-system – users receive a local German Pinger number and can text for free with any German mobile phone.”

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Today in Speigel Online:

Finanzierung über Werbung: US-Firma plant kostenlosen SMS-Dienst in Deutschland

“Hamburg – Die Handy-Netze werden ausgebaut, vielerorts surfen Nutzer mit mehreren Megabit pro Sekunde durch das Netz – doch ausgerechnet für vergleichsweise winzige Textnachrichten kassieren die Provider horrende Summen. Für eine einzige SMS, 0,001 Megabit groß, werden in vielen Tarifen immer noch Beträge von rund 20 Cent fällig, Kurznachrichten-Flatrates und -Kontingente lassen sich kostenpflichtig buchen.”

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Today in Gev:

Pinger Expanding its Services in Europe

“According to a report from The High Tech Business Hub-The Silicon Valley stated that Pinger is going to introduce its new project by initializing its German Services that will enlarge its free texting from web service in Europe. Initially the service will be provided on Android and Apple Devices. Pinger has evaded the text messaging expenses through its free text web services in Europe.”

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Today in VentureBeat’s DemoBeat:

Pinger lowers European texting fees by making SMS a game

“Europe telecommunications is, in one word, super-pricey-holy-crap-don’t-text-me. Today, however, free text and talk service Pinger crosses the Atlantic from the U.S. to change that, starting in Germany.

The market for a free text and talk product is wide open in Europe. In order to dominate in the space, Pinger is taking the simple route, by including the carriers.”

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Today in TechCrunch:

Pinger To Bring Free Texting To Europe With The Help Of Gamification

“Pinger’s disruptive Textfree service is heading to Europe, and it’s doing it with the help of hottest buzzword around: gamification.

Pinger has managed to build a huge userbase in the United States by offering free text messaging without any major catches: users are given their own, real phone numbers, and they can send and receive text messages with any phone. And, most important — the app works on the iPod touch, which doesn’t otherwise have SMS functionality built-in. ”

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Today in the Everything Ventured blog from Forbes:

Pinger’s Polite Plans For World Domination

“Former Palm executives Greg Woock and Joe Sipher are no strangers to failure. The duo tried– and failed– to create a line of MP3 players for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group back in 2004. When that stalled, they left Virgin to found Pinger in 2005, secured funding from Kleiner Perkins and DAG Ventures, only to see their original voice messaging concept stumble. For the next three years, they struggled to find a workable product, let alone a viable business model.

And yet, Pingers cofounders could hardly be described as shrinking violets: “We think we can take over the world,” Woock deadpans.”

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